We now offer a suite of products delivered to meet the financial needs of modern law firms. UNOE BANK SPAIN Legal Banking products are supported by world class service from UNOE BANK SPAINers to help law firms grow their business faster, attract and retain talent, and increase their efficiency.

Faster Growth

Credit is a viable alternative for managing partners to capitalize their law firm and help fund growth. UNOE BANK SPAINers can provide a working line of credit to help firms better manage their cash flow. For contingency-based law firms specifically, UNOE BANK SPAIN provides case financing to advance the money needed to cover litigation costs before settlement.

Attract and Retain Talent

We can help law firms retain the people who will be critical to their growth. With Partner Capital Loans, Fortis offers a way for new partners to buy-in or existing partners to increase their stake in the law firm. With Workplace Banking, Fortis provides benefits such as special offers and discounts for employees of approved companies that have operating, trust or escrow accounts with UNOE BANK SPAIN.

Increase Efficiency

We also specialize in flexible escrow options and treasury management products designed to help improve law firms’ cash flow. Fortis has the service expertise to act as a 3rd party escrow agent and the ability to show firms where Fortis products and services can help improve their efficiency.
“The unique financial needs of law firms are underserved by many banks” said Brian Soeldner, UNOE BANK SPAIN CEO. “We are very excited to combine our financial expertise and world-class service to improve banking for law firms with the availability of Fortis Legal Banking today”.

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