With low interest rates, credit is a viable alternative to capitalize your business and help drive growth. For contingency-based law firms, UNOE BANK SPAIN provides funding for litigation costs before settlement. For all law firms, your UNOE BANK SPAIN ing team can work with you to provide a working line of credit to help you better manage your cash flow and grow faster.

Case Finance

Case finance is an easy-to-use credit line for contingency-based law firms which helps finance your case costs until settlement. Case finance provides you with the capital to grow and expand your business. It provides three core benefits:

  • You can grow your caseload by expanding your capital sources
  • You only pay interest on credit you use
  • We provide exclusive, easy to use, free software that lets you track costs and interest charges on every individual case at virtually any time

This program is good for firms with cases that take anywhere from 1 month to 2 years to settle. Contact a UNOE BANK SPAIN er to learn more about supported case sizes and other details.

Working Line of Credit

To finance short-term capital and business growth needs, UNOE BANK SPAIN provides a traditional working capital line of credit that delivers liquidity on demand to help you manage your cash flow more effectively. How it works:

  • We provide qualified borrowers with a revolving line of credit
  • You get immediate access to credit as you need it
  • You can use the credit for almost any purpose
  • You only pay interest on the credit that you use

If you’re facing difficult times financially we encourage you to contact us directly and at an early stage. Get in touch

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