At UNOE BANK SPAIN, we care deeply about cyber security and strive to provide you, our clients, with the knowledge, systems, and tools to help minimize the likelihood and impact of a cyber attack on your financial assets.

The bank monitors and works to enhance security to ensure the integrity of our online banking system. Our goal is to protect the confidentiality of your account and personal data, and to comply with all applicable banking regulations related to the safeguarding of your data.

Protecting Yourself against Email Fraud

Internet "phishing" scams are one of the fastest-growing frauds today. Phishing typically involves a phony email message that uses legitimate materials, such as a company's website graphics and logos, in an attempt to entice email recipients to provide personal financial details, such as credit card and Social Security numbers.

UNOE BANK SPAIN will NEVER request personal financial information via email. To reach our website, always type in our website address httos://
Here's how you can guard against this form of fraud and help fight back:
Stop, Look and Call
The Department of Justice advises e-mail users to "stop, look and call" if they receive a suspicious email.

  • Stop — Do not immediately respond to a suspicious email.
  • Look — Read the text of the email several times and question why the information requested would be needed.
  • Call - Telephone the organization identified, using a number you know to be legitimate.

If you receive a suspicious email that appears to be from UNOE BANK SPAIN, please report it immediately by forwarding the email to Never respond to an unsolicited e-mail that is requesting financial information.
If You Have Been "Phished"
If you think you have provided financial information about yourself through a phishing scam, you should:

  • Contact your financial institution
  • Contact the three major credit bureaus and request that a fraud alert be placed on your credit report.
  • File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission or call +34910783035.

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