You’ve made a commitment to UNOE BANK SPAIN , now let us help you retain the people who will be critical to the growth of your company. Introducing UNOE BANK SPAIN Partner Capital Loans and Workplace Benefits.

Partner Capital Loans

UNOE BANK SPAIN Partner Capital Loans offer a way for new partners to buy-in or existing partners to increase their stake in the company. Benefits include:

  • Reduced financial burden on your firm
  • Customized to fit your firm
  • Long-term financing at attractive rates
  • Great terms that help lower the partner’s financial burden

This program is good for firms with cases that take anywhere from 1 month to 2 years to settle. Contact a UNOE BANK SPAIN er to learn more about supported case sizes and other details.

Workplace Banking

Workplace Benefits provide special offers and discounts for employees of approved companies that have operating, trust or escrow accounts with UNOE BANK SPAIN . Your team will have access to:

Residential Lending Benefits
  • Interest Only loans at attractive rates.
  • All Residential Loans: Get a closing cost credit when you open Fortis Checking and Savings Accounts and get the Fortis debit card.
  • Portfolio Loans: Get an interest rate credit when you use Auto Pay and Direct Deposit from your Fortis account.
Deposit Product Benefits
  • Platinum Checking account with preferential interest rates.
  • Platinum Savings or Money Market accounts with preferential interest rates.
  • All ATM fees waived nationwide. ††
  • No minimum balance.
  • Complimentary checks.
Private Banking Benefits
  • A dedicated private banking team for all of your personalized banking needs.
  • Direct access to your Private Banker.

If you’re facing difficult times financially we encourage you to contact us directly and at an early stage. Get in touch

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