Passbook Savings Account

The Passbook Savings Account is one of the Bank’s regular savings accounts, for which all transactions are recorded in a passbook. This type of account is best suited for individuals who wish to save over a long period of time and would appreciate or benefit from restricted access to funds.

The following highlight the criteria/features of the CNB’s Passbook Savings Account:

  • Minimum initial deposit of five hundred euros (€500.00) to open the account
  • Low minimum balance of one hundred euros (€100.00) required to maintain the account
  • Free internet banking (balance viewing only)
  • Quarterly interest payments – interest will only be earned if the average daily balance of a cycle (3 months) is greater than one hundred euros (€100.00)
  • BNB Passbook
  • Free over-the-counter withdrawals and deposits
  • No Bank Card
  • Monthly service charge of five euros (€5.00) for falling below the minimum balance (calculated on the monthly average balance)

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