Any staff member, officer or volunteer of the West Cheshire Credit Union can receive a complaint at any place where the credit union conducts business. A complaint may be made in writing or orally to a staff member, officer or volunteer of the West Cheshire Credit Union. A complaint can be made in person, by letter, by telephone or email. The staff member, officer or volunteer receiving the complaint shall record the following information:

1. Name of complainant
2. Address and contact details of complainant
3. Membership number of complainant (if a member)
4. Date and time complaint received
5. Date and time complaint occurred
6. Substance of complaint
7. Type of complaint (e.g. financial loss, inconvenience, distress, behavioural etc.)
8. Name of person receiving the complaint
9. Action taken when receiving complaint (e.g. apology offered, provided copy of internal complaints handling procedure, other information provided)

The information will also be stored in a complaint register.
All complaints shall be addressed to the Manager and copies provided to the Supervisory Committee.

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